Sunday, July 22, 2007

Quilt Finished, and Board Books

When I went outside this morning, there was this huge cloud above my house, isn't it really cool?
And I finally finished this baby quilt.

I read an article in the latest 'Cloth Paper Scissors' issue, and it was talking about different adhesives. And another article in the same issue showed how to make a collage-type-thing. So I got a bunch of different adhesives, including spray adhesive, which I decided is good for big pieces of paper but can really make a mess. And I made this chart, with paper, fabric and photos, and crayon, colored pencil, charcoal, oil pastel, pencil, acrylic paint, etc, and treated with clear acrylic finish, or mod-podge, or nothing. It was a lovely experiment. Then I got the idea to make a board book for my sister's kids after talking to my sister on the phone about something. So I bought some kind of heavy paper and really went to town with the mod-podge. I don't scrapbook much but this project has been fun so far. I still don't know how I'm going to bind it, since the 'paper' does not have much bend. I looked online at various binding tutorials and I think I have something in my head from something I saw at Hobby Lobby. But I went all around the city looking for book binding tape and no one carries it. But I did find some cool aluminum HVAC tape that I'll HAVE to find some kind of use for...

I used glow-in-the-dark paint over this charcoal-erased sketch of a flower (I did the sketch about ten years ago and it's been sitting around in some folder waiting for a use like this). It will be fun for them to hold it up to the light, then look at it in the dark.

They love their piggy banks and their coins. I scanned some coins and copied the image several times to make these pages. I found a piggy bank/coin photo online. And then I hot-glued real coins to the second page. Hopefully they don't try to peel them off, but there is a lot of mod-podge over them so it should make it a little more difficult (ie they might have to use their teeth).

I really think mod-podge is my new favorite thing. I kept calling it 'hodgepodge' on the phone to my sister as we were discussing techniques. She is a scrapbooker so she's a total pro with paper.