Saturday, November 10, 2007

FOUND- Early attempts.

I decided to shop from my stash for my next orange/blue quilt, but of course I felt compelled to sort through some stacks of old stuff first. I came upon this item:
Thinking back to when I made this years ago, I had developed an intense love for solids during those years, and all my quilts from that period reflect that. But at some point I discovered batiks, and this item was a crude attempt to mix the two - solids and colors. Note to Former Self: NO! (On the other hand, why not?)

I ripped the seam and separated the batik square from the solid square, as it should be. I am glad for time and experience to give me new insight. I am in no way criticizing my Former Self. I am just glad I am where I am now, and I wonder where I will be in seven more years, and what projects I am doing today will my Future Self say to myself now, NO! Here are some of the batiks sewn together in strips and squares.
And here are the solids. Very Lovely. All by themselves.
Photos of my stash. ORANGE:
I love COLOR! And I'm going to challenge myself to find a harmonious way to integrate batiks and solids into a wall hanging (but AFTER I finish my current orange/blue project).

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