Saturday, January 26, 2008

Week 4 Block

I decided to use the white inner border as originally planned. I like this block but it was so tedious!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Week 4 Block (Progress)

I worked on this block for awhile. I designed it to have a white inner border but I like the dark inner border better, so I'll modify it. The finished block size is 10.5", making each finished little square 1". This block will have 57 pieces when it's finished, so there really is no room for error. I really am feeling the pressure on this one.

Pink/Brown BBQ (baby quilt) Fabric Selection

I sorted through the pile I threw down from my stash and deleted some choices.
Then I sorted again, according to value, and got rid of a few others. I consider the stand-alone fabric in the top of the photo my 'focus fabric,' not that I really think it is necessary to have one, but it IS, after all, the ONLY piece of fabric in my stash that contains both brown and pink. I plan to use that fabric for a narrow inner border. NOW I'll stack these edited selections in a pile and let it ferment for a few days while I think of a design to place these beauties into. Did I mention I LOVE LOVE LOVE fabric!! (And as we all know, now I absolutely MUST go stash shopping to fill this pink/brown gap!)

Valentine Surprise

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Playing around with EQ6

I made a little project in EQ6 to get a vague idea of what the Week 2 block would look like repeated in a quilt. Here is my result. I still need to figure out how to cut an image from EQ6 without having to save the printscreen to Paint and then cropping. Any suggestions?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Block - Week 1

Block a Week

I've decided to do a Block-A-Week in 2008. I just decided this tonight, and I feel extra lucky because it's the last day of the first week of the year so I have a few short hours to make a block. After thinking for a few minutes about what I wanted to do, I decided to make blocks dedicated to Spain, to be compiled at the end of the year into a quilt. The sidewalks in Spain are all textured in some way -I think it's to prevent people from slipping when the walks are slick- most have patterns of some kind. I have 26 patterns written down, so I could do two blocks from each pattern. I just sketched the squares though, so my block preparation will include drafting patterns. The first block will require 12 half-square triangle squares (is that what they're officially called?).