Friday, March 14, 2008

Postcard 6

This month's theme is black and white, and this week's bonus color is lime green (I used it in the stitching). For this block, I cut 3/4" strips of black and white fabrics, in increasing value, then I 'weaved' the strips, after running a stitch along the top of the white strips to hold it in place, and wove it all on top of a piece of fusible web.

Then I trimmed it down to 4"x6", stitched down the strips with variegated thread, then stitched it on top of a postcard. Such fun. This postcard reminds me of my mom, since she once saw a quilt in a book that was made to look like woven strips and searched for a long time to find that book again, having not written down the reference the first time around (I hate it when that happens).

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