Friday, August 22, 2008

More Quilts - 1996 and 1997

This was the second quilt I made. I used a white outer border (really, a sheet turned to the front). This quilt (below) is a variation on the trip-around-the-world blue/black/white theme. This was my third quilt.
This is a red-white-blue fence rail (below). I used exclusively solid colors in all my first quilts (apart from the very first quilt). Solid colors and geometric patterns was my style for my first ~10 years of quilting. A better view of this quilt is on the previous post, it is the quilt in the lower right. I still have this quilt but I have also made several more 'editions' of this same quilt over the years.
I made this Drunkard's Path sometime in 1997. I didn't buy enough red fabric the first time around so I returned to the store to buy more and that is how I first learned the concept of dye lots - the dye lot didn't match so if you look closely you can see the reds aren't all the same 'color.' At the time I was devastated (as devastated as a person can be about incompatible dye lots) but now I really don't care about that kind of thing. Unless you're using black. Then incompatible dye lots can really be a problem. Unless you make it look like you did it on purpose, then it's fine.
The Drunkard's Path was the first quilt I hand-quilted. Also, I machine-pieced the squares after hand-piecing a few and realizing I could quite easily machine-piece curves (though I have never really enjoyed, per se, piecing curves. However, I used white thread, which you can see at the seams on the quilt in some places. Hey, it was all a learning experience. That was what my machine was threaded with, and I never thought twice about it. Now I used a neutral beige color thread for almost everything.

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