Sunday, December 7, 2008

More ART, fish STAMP, and BUTTERFLYs

12-06 (this is an awesome photo of Sophia at the zoo - I love her carefree-ness):12-05 (one of my favorite poems, a Robert Frost classic):
I carved this fish stamp out of a pink eraser (very pliable, moreso than the linocut stuff I had been using - pink eraser is my new favorite substance for carving). I got this idea directly from Geninne's Art Blog, who is very creative with stamps and has a lovely tutorial. I have wanted to make more stamps but generally feel stumped as to what to carve, so I found a fish on her site I liked and drew one like it on the eraser, then carved away: And another butterfly (I love watching the process by which these little guys come about - it's probably the first thing I've ever made where I actually like the product better than the process or the idea, unlike most every bed-quilt I've ever made, where I usually hate the thing by the time I'm halfway through, which either has to do with the loathing of the work aspect, or the creating a sense of hate towards it so I can bear to part with it when I'm done aspect):
The butterflies are quite homely until their final stage of creation: the black ultra-fine sharpie marker over the colored pencil color. It turns out you can go through quite a few sharpies this way, as the wax in the colored pencil seems to destroy the tip of the pen.

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