Monday, September 27, 2010

Stripes, etc

More stripes: making these starting with 9" squares of striped fabric. Two 9" squares of the same fabric make two different striped squares. So I'm making two quilts with these stripes. These squares have 8 pieces per square, and I have another set with 4 pieces per square. I'll arrange these squares to form some kind of value gradient, if possible - this makes 47 squares so far, only 33 to go (I'm making it 8 x 10 squares).

Recent ATCs: printed out "fortunes" and gel mediumed on to mini "scrap quilts" (2.5x3.5" finished card)

 Finished Pickup Sticks (I prefer it with the yellow stripe at the top but I guess it could work either way).

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pick-up Sticks

I worked on this a few nights this week. I'm going to quilt it with straight lines and bind it with dark blue. Its a small wall quilt, about 20"x34". I started off with the oranges and yellows, thinking about an abstract way to depict sunflowers. Then I wanted to add the green and blue and ended up with this. It reminds me of that game from when we were kids called "Pick-up Sticks," the one with all the colorful plastic sticks that you toss into a pile and then begin removing one by one.