Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Art Journal

My friend gave me an art journal for Christmas that her sister made from an old (1960s) textbook. She took out the insides and rebound it with watercolor paper and white cardstock. I've been going at it every day for a week and LOVING IT!

Here is my entry for today. It includes a map underneath it all, plus some white gesso, Golden Fluid acrylic paints (LOVE LOVE LOVE Golden Fluid acrylics by the way), colored pencils, and Sharpie marker. I can't get away from that Sharpie marker, I love to put it on everything. Although, I find that the ink runs dry when in prolonged contact with the dried acrylic. I have a pen in my collection called "edding 300, marcador permanente." It's wonderful. I need to find one with a smaller tip, though. It seems to handle the acrylic with no problems and the paint doesn't transfer to the tip like it does to the Sharpie (especially the fine-tip Sharpies). Probably only pen lovers will appreciate this pen rant.

I also got some children's books in the mail the other day that I had ordered from Amazon. I sent copies to several people for Christmas. I love the artwork in both. One is Moon Rabbit by Natalie Russell and the other is Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet, who also wrote River of Words, a story about William Carlos Williams. Her artwork is beautiful and inspiring.