Sunday, January 29, 2012

Art Journal

 This is a portion of a page with floral doodles. I love the colors in this one and some of the leafy patterns.
 I bought a circle template recently that I'm very excited about. I know. How excited can someone possibly be about a square piece of plastic. But seriously. It has ~40 circles ranging in size from 1 5/8" diameter to 3/64 diameter (very small). I picked it up at Graphaids. They had a good selection of pens too.
 These circles/gears/triangles/Xs are a work-in-progress. I'm going to add paint.
 Random doodles. I like the flying geese on the left side, and the yellow triangle motif on the far right.
 In this one I used sheet music (Moonlight Sonata) and painted over with fluid acrylics. I love Moonlight Sonata. It's one of the few songs I can play on the piano.
 Here I was doodling floral patterns. And I saw the triangle motif recently in something on Pinterest so I wanted to play with it here.
 This one includes a nice poem I heard recently by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. The 'stairs' are squares of fluid acrylics. I also used some silver paint pen to make some stars on the dark blue/purple portion. I love the silver paint pen. And I used some alphabet letter stamps that I recently acquired.
The zebra's "ears" are too far forward. I've considered fixing it. Instead I'll draw him again in another entry.

I find that in my art journaling, I produce a motif here or there that I really like. Even when I'm not satisfied with the entire page, I usually find something that I like and can use in future work - color combos, lines, shapes, motifs.