Sunday, July 22, 2012

Process: Patriot's Puzzle

I decided to make another go at Izabella's Puzzle, one that I made for my niece a few years ago. This time I decided to make it with a Red/White/Blue theme. I sketched it out a bit on EQ6:
Then I milled through my stash and picked out 120 fabrics including red, white, blue, red/blue, red/red, blue/blue, white/blue, red/white, black/blue, white/blue and black/white, etc: whatever was in my stash, whatever appealed to me. Then I cut one 6" square from each fabric and sewed them together in twos to make half-square triangles. Pressed, squared up to 5.5" squares.
Then I got busy putting them on the design wall,  
flipping them around until I decided they were pleasing enough.
 I still need to sew the squares together and decide what to do about the border. I might add some squares and make it bigger so the border will be symmetrical like Izabella's Puzzle.