Sunday, September 30, 2012


I love Merino wool superwash. i heard it's called superwash because that means you can put it in the washing machine. That sounds good to me! I should try out a swatch though. My idea has been to make something like this blanket I wrote about previously, but I've been trying to find a stitch I like. I don't like the look of pure garter stitch for some reason. I love the way stockinette looks, like this purple bit I made:
 But the edges curl, and that's just not acceptable. Some lady at a yarn store showed me how to join the edges of two stockinetted pieces, but the seam was (gasp!) unsightly. I picked out all my prior attempts and I've been trying to find a different way to accomplish what I want to do. I decided to try it with gartered edges:
I don't mind how this looks. But the piece curls in on itself, like a tube. A woman at another yarn store told me once I block it, the piece should lay flat. That would be a relief so I'll work this piece for awhile then try blocking it. She also showed me a piece with 'moss stitch' for the border and I thought that looked lovely.

Now I need to figure out how to work in a new color, whether I prefer to tie it on with a little knot, or leave it loose and weave it in. So many options. And I came across a video about something called Entrelac. That looks really cool, and a bit intimidating. But I have this beautiful pink/red/brown merino wool that deserves to be used in something like Entrelac, so I think I might just have to try it.