Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fun with Speedball Ink + brayer

I'm having too much colorful fun with these Speedball Block-Printing water-soluble inks. The colors are so vibrant.
My sister was playing around with it too and gave me some good ideas, including brayering over the layer of paper/cutout/glass with paint on the brayer, creating a different look on the paper.
As you can see I managed to acquire some magenta (the lovely pink) and gold inks since my last post. They are completely fabulous!

I also experimented with some foliage. Brace yourself - this is about to get awesome!

In the above photos and below you can see some spots created by pieces of salt sprinkled on the paint before brayering. I found that some of the best artifacts from the salt were created on the third or fourth pass over the plate (probably gave it time to dissolve a little bit).

I love all the weird odd-shaped dots in this one, again from the salt (and probably little pieces of foliage stuck to the plate):
Look at the wonderful layers of this one my sister made: