Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gelatin plate monoprinting

I saw this cool video by Linda Germain on making monotype prints using a gelatin plate. She makes it look so fun and interesting. I immediately rushed out and got some gelatin at the grocery store! I made it in a 9x12 pan. It tore a bit on the edges when I removed it from the pan. Next time I'll find a shallow pan to use. Here is a picture of the gel plate sitting on top of a wooden cutting board (not a good idea - the board smelled really strange after I removed the plate).
I played around a little with some acrylic paints and pieces of paper cut into different shapes. This is my favorite from what i did. I think this might be a fun way to make some papers to use later for collage.
This is the same one, just photographed in different light to show the gold paint. I love gold and silver paints.
I'm going to have to go out and collect some small branches and twigs and twine and odds and ends, and get a brayer and a glass plate (or disassemble a picture frame to use the glass). I also MUST get some of the inks she was using. Linda also has a good post about printmaking tips.

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