Friday, February 1, 2013

Watercolor - Process

I've been doing a few watercolors lately. I really like doing little Spanish-style houses, landscapes, clouds, foliage. I watched a Youtube video of a guy making clouds. He made it look so easy! I should have left the clouds alone but of course I felt compelled to draw all over it with my Sharpie. This is actually the right half of a full page. I didn't like the left half so I cut if off!
It IS easier for me to paint shadows and reflections when I'm working off a photo or real-life. But I do enjoy creating something new as well. I wanted to have a bridge and some buildings and a sky. I did the sky first, trying to experiment with the water. I need to experiment with using different size brushes and different types and weights of paper. I did the mountains next, then the water.
After that I added the building color and shadows. Then the Sharpie pen of course... I DID try to let everything dry first before moving onto the next part.
I'm going to repeat this one, the bridge/water/clouds/building/mountains, and try it with different colors/values.