Monday, October 21, 2013

Watercolor painting of a village on a hill, v2. Plus, fall colors

Recently I posted about a watercolor painting of a village on a hill - I gave the first version to someone and needed to make another one for someone else. Here is the second version:
I added some foliage in the foreground to give the bridge something to disappear into. You can't see from my cropping of the first version (below), but the bridge just ended without really going to anything on either side. The buildings are smaller in the second one. The coloring is a bit different. I do like both, for different reasons.
Fall colors spotted yesterday:
Also, here are some greeting cards I made using the painted page from my last post. I cut up my favorite parts, then cut out some bristol in various sizes (but particularly 10"x7", folded in half = 5"x7").


  1. Hi Lea!
    Beautiful post; you are right, the foliage in your second painting of the city in the hill make it better. I liked the pictures and your greeting cards too.
    Thanks for your update, you always bring beautiful things that make me smile.
    Great week!