Sunday, February 16, 2014

Log Cabin?

How about one of these old-school log-cabins for the gray fabrics? These all look the same except how the blocks are rotated and the way I put in the colors was random.

These colors have the same placement in each block - I don't like it. I mean, obviously there are limitations with EQ6 versus using real fabrics for a mock-up... But I think what is really causing me difficulty in settling on a design is my limitation in just using gray - no color! That is completely foreign to me...

Or perhaps something like this:
Or here is a take on Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, using triangles instead of circles - this goes from all darks in the inner box and all lights in the outer box in the upper left, to all lights in the inner box and all darks in the outer box in the lower right:

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  1. Hello Leah ! Always a pleasure to come back to your joyful and interesting blog. Logcabin is probably one of my favorite patterns for quilting. The first one you show a picture of (grey/black/white) is the first one I ever sewed. Is it the "Court House Steps" ? also called "Japanese Lanterns". I made it all by hand and enjoyed so much how it developed, little by little. Thank you for bring back memories of my first steps in quilting.