Sunday, March 16, 2014

Color Bubbles, 6"x9", acrylic painting

I love this painting. I made a series of gelli prints today, and the underpainting for this was the 'waste paper' where I brayered excess paint. I decided to paint circles on it with white paint and gessor, then go around the outside with blue paint and a bit of black. I love it!

Here are the gelli prints:
Aren't the white florets in the below lovely? They were an artifact of the gelli plate - I think there must have been some moisture on there from the last time I used it. After the paint was applied with the brayer, the dots kept spreading outward.
 This was another trash page to collect excess paint:
 The dots of white on the left side are from spritzed alcohol. I'm not sure if it's good to put alcohol on the gelli plate, but it causes some really cool effects:
 I brayered a bit of yellow over the dots after removing the dots stencil. The yellow barely shows through and I like it:
 The white splotches on the right after from alcohol spritz as well as some sea salt sprinkled on there:

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