Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gelli prints for online class

I made these gelli prints in prep for Exercise 3 of Carla Sonheim's online class "Gelli Plate Plus." The exercise has us working with mixed media on existing prints. I didn't really have any existing prints that were appropriate for the exercise so I made new ones!
I used golden fluid acrylics and heavy body acrylics with a blending medium/slow-dry extender, and some stencils, brayer and gelli plate. My favorite (besides the one at the top of the post) is probably this one which, consequently, is my 'trash' page, the page I brayered excess paint onto. Figures...
I think what I like most about it is how it appears segmented into quadrants, and also the blobby uneven blue dots on the top left which came off the brayer after I rolled it over a circle stencil, and I really like the bit of yellow peeking through in the lower left quadrant. I had poured a bit of yellow paint onto the paper to get it with my paintbrush to paint onto the gelli plate, and this bit is what was left over. I like the color.

What I really like about this one is the white space between the two stenciled regions at the top.

This was actually the back side of another one I was making but I had brayered with orange on the back and wanted to put some blue on it. I like the wavy blue lines and then the dots below. I ended up liking this side better than the other side.

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