Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mr Sweaterz the sock monkey

At the request of Sophia, I made this sock monkey yesterday from these socks:
I followed this tutorial from the internet by Joanne L at - it was pretty easy. I did all the stitching by hand except the first step sewing the lines for the legs and arms and ears. Check out the little green stripe at the base of the tail - I stitched around the tail 3 times to make it extra secure for all those times Mr. Sweaterz is thrown around by the tail:
Yesterday this monkey's name was Scottie, but apparently today his name is Mr. Sweaterz, with a 'Z'. Here is Mr. Sweaterz eating a blueberry muffin:
Here is Mr. Sweaterz riding the cat:
And here is Mr. Sweaterz with a bunch of random bling (including a little black jumper I made by snipping a few holes and adding a few stitches to the top of another sock):
And now I've been provided a pile of mismatched baby socks that demand to be made into baby monkeys!

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