Sunday, December 28, 2014

Colorful Chevron Baby quilt: Process Post

Using ideas from DIYMommy (who was following Melanie at craftycupboard), I decided to make this chevron baby quilt. Always wanted to know the difference between chevron and herringbone? Check out this good explanation by Christine at Remodelista. or this post at Houzz which has some good photos.

I wanted my quilt to be a little bit bigger, so I cut 3" x 11" rectangles (48 from a white-on-white fabric, and 48 from assorted colored fabrics from the selection in this post). I put them all up randomly on my design wall (made from Warm + Natural batting nailed to the wall) and then arranged them to form a color gradient, with blues/greens on the right, purples/tans on the left, and pinks/oranges/yellow in the middle:
Then moved them around some more, trying to make the colors from the different prints flow from one to the next, as well as make some kind of gradient of values (light to dark):
Until I found a pleasing arrangement, then I began to cut the angles off the edges of the fabric. You can see here where I've cut the first two rows (on the left):
All the pieces cut, now I need to sew them together:
Sewed all the rows together, now just need to sew the three sections together and quilt: 

EDIT 1/10: Top completed, now I just need to quilt and bind it. This turned out longer than I like, but I don't feel like cutting part of it off. It's interesting how it looks different to me when I turn it upside down. I think I like it better turned this way than how it's been on the design wall all along:

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  1. Dear Leah, your quilt is very beautiful, I loved the combination of colors. Are you going to put a border?
    I always smile when I see your postings, they are so colorful and cheer me up.
    Thanks a lot.
    I wish that you have a wonderful Reveillon week.