Saturday, December 31, 2016

Pixel color inspiration

I was looking for a photo and when I cropped it and zoomed in I saw these pixels in the top corner - the original picture was a photo with colorful trees in the background. I've thought about this idea off and on for several years- find pretty, interesting pixel groups in my photographs, then make quilts based on the color groupings or use the color palette as a starter for a painting.

The above square was taken from a small portion of this:

Which was taken from a small portion of this tree photo:

Think of all the possibilities! HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your 2017 be happy and full of color!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Paper grocery bag art

I wanted to make some Christmas stockings out of paper - I decided to use Trader Joe's grocery bags as a base. I cut open the bags and started layering on paint.

For the backs of the stockings I used a single color brayered on to the bag.

I was really pleased with how the paper bags took the paint. I may just always work on paper bags from now on.

Then stitching the pieces together with a sewing machine - so quick and easy! I used the bag handles, trimmed down, for the loop on the top side of the stockings. Then there was left over paper so I made some mini stockings to stuff with salted caramels and give away.

I really liked some snippets from the paintings, which make great wallpaper for the computer or phone.