Monday, October 22, 2012

Design Inspiration EVERYWHERE

I saw a cool manhole cover this weekend:

It's like a bunch of hexagons stacked around a circle. Lots of possibilities!
I saw some apples at a farmer's market and the light was perfect for taking some pictures:

Also a pear or two thrown in there. There were also some Concord grapes, covered in bees.

And some yellow trees. Fall has arrived.
I played around with the 'panorama' setting on my iPhone. You move the camera slowly around, keeping the arrow lined up on the line and it stitches together all the pictures. It's pretty incredible. The file size was enormous - almost 15 MB. I've reduced it here but the original has decent resolution considering I was constantly moving the camera. And I did a little watercolor based on the scene:
I also did a quick sketch for another Spoonflower attempt. I wanted to see how the Spoonflower uploader tiles the design. You can do a 'brick' or 'reverse' or 'mirror' and it changes how the design looks. It's kind of exciting. If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it.
 I've also been paying attention recently to all the interesting motifs on the sides of buildings. I saw this one over the weekend. Lots of possibilities. Reminds me of some of the motifs on ancient Greek vases.