Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Process: Drawing Birds

When I try to draw birds from my imagination, without any reference, the results are mixed... (Although, I do like the little peacock-type bird in the middle. But some of these look more like slugs than birds.)
I saw some birds last weekend and took some photos. When I use them for a reference, I get better results. I do appreciate stylized bird drawings and I'd like to come up with my own version. I know that just like anything, practicing will improve skill. Here are the photos I took, and the sketches I made based on those photos:

 A pigeon: they are so pesky, but not very bright. There were a few pigeons and a few small birds. The small birds would swoop in and steal whatever crumb the pigeons were pecking at, then fly away with the crumb.

Some other sketches of birds I made: