Friday, August 8, 2008

DOTS: A small painting

I experimented with some acrylics last week by painting a canvas (8"x12") with white gesso, then marking off 12 squares with pencil, and filling in the squares with various colors. Then I cut a circle out of some foam core board and hot-glued a nub to the back to create a 'stamp' (or whatever you want to call it - not so much a stamp as a 'frame'). Then I placed the circle over the dried squares one at a time and painted black gesso around the squares (I did the black last, rather than the colored circles over black gesso, to retain the brightness and purity of the color). Then I filled in around the circles to cover the rest of the color (above). I let it dry, then added hodge podge to make it shiny (below). The true color is the above photo, it was hard for me to find a good light to photograph the shiny finished product under. In low light, the dark blues all but disappear.

I'm going to experiment more with this technique. I'm thinking of doing a large canvas with alternating white and black squares with color dots in the squares.

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