Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fabric Postcard Tutorial

Making fabric postcards is fun and easy. This tutorial shows how to create a quilted surface to adhere to a 4"x6" postcard, and embellish the fabric surface.

First, start with a 4"x6" blank postcard (you can buy them at the art store, but you can also just cut white cardstock to size). You can also use blank greeting cards or anything else you want.

Then, pick a fabric and some batting. I like Warm and Natural batting because it doesn't pill and is smooth and flat.

Cut a 6"x 8" piece of each (or a little bigger if you want - it can always be trimmed down to size):
I use the Bernina 440QE with the BSR foot (stitch regulator). I used red/purple/gray variegated thread.
Do some FMS (free-motion stitch) on it or whatever you like:
This is the finished FMS: Cut down to size. Since I was doing a 4"x6" postcard, I cut it to 3.75"x5.75" but if you want more 'border' on the outside (ie postcard showing on the edges), then cut it smaller.
Here are the paints I used. I like Golden Fluid Acrylics Iridescent Gold (Fine), it flows and is easy to work with. The stuff in the tubes is also very pretty, but thicker and harder to manipulate. If you don't want to paint your postcard, skip this step. Alternatively, you could sew on buttons or beads or put on glitter or whatever you want.
I painted a copper color around the edge of the card since I didn't want any white showing.
Then, I stitched the fabric rectangle to the postcard, using a simple stitch: Then, I painted the surface of the fabric.
The finished product:

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