Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stuffed fruit (felt)

My sister's kids are into something lately called a "Domo." I made them one a few weeks ago and they loved it so much I decided to make some that look like fruit. If you Google "Stuffed Domo" you will see the stuffed creatures have a crazy toothy smile. So I added that to these fruit. By the way, this was my first time working with felt, and can I just say it was terribly pleasant? The pieces went together smoothly, it's like they wanted to be sewn together. Stitching through the layers with the machine was like slicing warm butter. Now I can see what all the rage is over felted foods. People must just love working with felt. I'm definitely going back for more! Here they are with the original creature I made them. 
I happened to use a green striped fabric which reminded them of a watermelon so they started calling it "Watermelon Domo." They play with it for hours, feeding it imaginary watermelons. Who knew something so simple could keep them occupied for so long. Time to get sewing!