Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fabrics for baby quilt: Kaufman Chambray Union

While it's freezing cold in some parts of this country, in other parts it's looking like this, with people out surfing and sunbathing:
Meanwhile I was trying to find gray and white fabrics for a baby quilt, and ran across the Robert Kaufman Chambray Union line at a quilt shop, thanks to Elizabeth Hartman's Preppy Knee Socks quilt that I spied hanging on the wall. I especially like this little print. So of course I deviated from my plans for the quilt and got a bunch of these instead, along with some Kona solids. I think it will still look awesome, but it just won't be all gray/white. Here's the stack I ended up with:


  1. Hi Leah! Thanks for posting!
    Do you believe that when I saw your stash, what immediately caught my eyes were the green and yellow fabrics? Perhaps because we are going to have the World Soccer Cup here in Brazil...
    Great week and thanks again!