Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tiles, dolls

Design inspiration from a tile on the floor of Texas de Brazil:
Yesterday I started working on a doll for my sister's kid. She likes pink and yellow right now. I used some beads I found last year, they have silver foil inside them. I'm going to have to learn how to make doll hair, because this was an extremely bad hair job. I did google adding hair to a doll and found an interesting australian woman's blog with photos of dolls she has made, and a link to a Flickr group for Steiner dolls: I'm still not sure what Steiner dolls are, but they are definitely softer and cuter than my crude rendition of a doll, so I'm going to have to experiment.
My favorite part about this doll is the skirt, which I made using a ton of pink and yellow fabric strips that I cut from fat quarters. The strips are about eight to ten inches long, and about two inches wide at the top and four inches wide at the bottom. Then I gathered all the fabric on the top end, until the top side was just long enough to go around the waist. So there is a ton of fabric comprising the skirt. It billows out and the doll stands up all on its own - impressive considering she has one leg longer than the other.
A close-up of the beads, and the little necklace I made of beads.

This doll was fun to make. I still need to sew a little handbag using some fabric and ribbon. I bought some jelly-bellies that I am going to put inside a little plastic pouch inside the handbag, so doll will have candy to carry around in her purse (a necessity).