Sunday, February 17, 2013

Minecraft Steve plush doll: adventures with felt

My niece loves Minecraft (a video game where the player constructs buildings out of cube shaped objects). One of the characters is named Steve. I made this out of felt.
Stitching the head to the body was the hardest part. Next time (not that there ever would be a next time) I would find a way to attach the arms so they can rotate (maybe some kind of button setup).
The kids are throwing him around and having a lot of fun with him but those stitched arm joints will only be able to handle so much. I did use double thread so it should hold up for a few days at least. I'm thinking industrial strength staples would probably also do the job...
I'm being told that now I need to make a pick axe, dagger, sword, and other such implements to be attachable with Velcro.

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