Sunday, February 10, 2013

Watercolor Still Life: Process

I arranged some flowers in a Mason jar and put a fabric behind it with an interesting motif. I've never been able to bring myself to cut into this fabric. It was hand-printed (not by me). So it's nice to finally have a use for it!
I added some yarn balls to the arrangement for more visual interest. Then I did a quick sketch of the arrangement. In the below picture, there is a painted texture in the upper left corner of the paper. That was the result of this paper sitting underneath a paper towel that I was using to remove water from my paintbrush during my last exercise. I love the inadvertent transfer of color in a grid-like pattern to the surface of the paper. I may try to replicate it intentionally.
I started adding paint. My favorite parts are the light green and pink flowers in the middle.
I wanted to convey the 'shadow' being cast on the cloth from the flowers and the yarn without using gray, so I decided to paint the cloth a light orange color. I suppose I could have used a very light purple for the shadow instead of changing the color of the cloth. I am still experimenting with creating shadows using the complementary color of the surrounding objects (as suggested in Betty Edwards COLOR).
Here is the finished painting with pen. Sometimes I like the pen and other times I think I should leave it alone. I like the emphasis it adds on some things but in this case I wish I had not added it to the yellow (white) yarn ball.

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