Thursday, February 4, 2010

Art Supplies

We made these cupcakes using paper and some new art supplies including molding paste and glass beads. We mixed the molding paste, glass beads, and some red paint and created the frosting. Beautiful beads made great sprinkles. This was placed on top of a paper base. The paste dried after several hours and made an interesting project. The painting of  was made using a masking fluid technique. I found a photo and digitally manipulated it to black and white and heightened the contrast, then printed the picture onto a sheet of white paper. Placing the printed photo behind a piece of watercolor paper and using a lightboard, I painted masking fluid over the lightest parts of the photo (onto the watercolor paper). After allowing the masking fluid to dry, I dropped in watercolor here and there until the unmasked paper was covered. After it dried, I removed the masking fluid by peeling it off, and this is what remained.  (I did go over the eyes a bit with a black Sharpie)

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