Sunday, November 14, 2010

Process - Striped Quilt

In keeping with the "Process Challenge," I'm going to show some photos of how I arranged the blocks for this queen-size quilt to get the final sequence. I put all the blocks on a design wall (a large piece of Warm and Natural batting that I hammered into the wall) and started moving them around, standing back here and there to get an overall feel for the piece.
 There is a lot going on because of all the stripes and colors so I wanted there to be some pattern for the eye to be able to follow around the quilt that would be pleasing so I decided to move the darks toward the middle and the lights to the outside.
 I realized that the two dark rows were in the bottom half (rows five and six), making it feel heavy:
 So I put some dark squares in the upper right half to try and balance it out.
 Sometimes I take pictures using the black-and-white function on the camera to check value, or I squint at the overall piece from two or three yards away. Then I kept moving things around.
This went on a few minutes here and there over the last five days. This is what I have so far. I'll probably leave it up there until next weekend when I'll force myself to sit down and sew it together. But I'm sure I'll keep moving blocks around all week long.

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