Saturday, November 2, 2013

Triangle Quilt back: Process Post

As a follow on to the last post, I narrowed the fabrics down to these ~60:
I absolutely love the colors. I had several ideas for the back but ultimately decided to do a simple 60 degree triangle situation kind of like THIS QUILT I made for my sister, but much simpler (that one has more than 1000 pieces, whereas this back will have less than 100 pieces). I cut out one piece from each fabric using a 9" triangle ruler - I cut them out the size of the ruler so the pieces will be 9" after they are sewn. I threw them up on the design wall after cutting each piece, placing them generally in a red/orange/yellow DOWN and green/blue/purple UP configuration. FYI my design wall is simply a large piece of white Warm & Natural batting nailed to the wall.
I had to pick a few more fabrics to round out the set, so I added in a few more yellows and pinks.
I had cut out 3 triangles from a white on white fabric that I love, and put them up there, but I don't like it so I'm going to cut out a few more pieces of color. I'll wait to pick colors after I finish arranging the blocks so I can fill in whatever color is missing. I began moving the squares around and decided to put a yellow/purple combination in the lower left corner, then move upward and to the right with blue/orange and put red/green in the upper right corner. Here's what I have so far.
I'll keep working on it until it pleases me. Then I'll sew them together and add a 3" white border on all sides and quilt it as the back of the Red/White/Blue quilt.

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