Friday, April 24, 2015

Year of the spark: online class

I'm taking an online class (Year of the Spark by Carla Sonheim and Lynn Whipple) - I signed up a little late - and I've started on one of the lessons. It's kind of funny. I never would have made funny collages with old photos before but it does make me chuckle. Here are some cut out pieces I made to use for collage - aren't they so colorful!:

And some doodle pages, one with markers/pencil, and one with paint (I really like the colors on the paint one):

And here are some audition pieces with old photos from the internet, and some collage pieces added (the first three are using an image of Annie Oakley:

This image was a cut out from some miners (but now I can't find the reference to link to):

It's just super silly and good to get the hands moving making creative stuff!

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