Thursday, December 22, 2016

Paper grocery bag art

I wanted to make some Christmas stockings out of paper - I decided to use Trader Joe's grocery bags as a base. I cut open the bags and started layering on paint.

For the backs of the stockings I used a single color brayered on to the bag.

I was really pleased with how the paper bags took the paint. I may just always work on paper bags from now on.

Then stitching the pieces together with a sewing machine - so quick and easy! I used the bag handles, trimmed down, for the loop on the top side of the stockings. Then there was left over paper so I made some mini stockings to stuff with salted caramels and give away.

I really liked some snippets from the paintings, which make great wallpaper for the computer or phone.


  1. Dear Leah thanks so much for sharing this process.
    Your paper stockings were so beautiful, bright and happy!
    I missed your posts.
    A great New Year celebration for you and your loved ones.