Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This is my next project (in addition to the orange/blue project and the cheetah bag project, which bag is less project and more true procrastination). I made this sketch a year or two ago, I think inspired by something I saw in a museum. Then this sketch I made a short time after that:
Since the image of a swirly tree keeps coming to my mind, I roughed out this image tonight using a pencil and markers:
Then traced over it (on tracing paper) to get my 'final' sketch. I'll go over these lines on the backside, transfer it to fusible web, and play around with a few different colors to make a wall hanging. I'm thinking of doing "Seasons" or something, with four trees, one in the fall, one in winter, one in spring, one summer. Different colored leaves. I don't know if I'll have leaves, maybe just different colored 'swirls' to represent the changing colors. Should it be an apple tree? We'll see.

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