Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two by Four (i.e. 2x4)

Last night I started thinking about what you could do with pieces of fabric cut out in 2.5" x 4.5" (2x4 finished), how they could be arranged, etc. So I cut some out and decided to put 18 together into a 12" square. I started randomly putting them together and came up with this design. It really is a log cabin, but there is no problem with matching of seams! And if you make a whole quilt with the same block, and rotate the block every other one, then the only seams to match in the quilt are the block rows. Which is like magic, to not have to match seams! You can be off 1/4" every now and then and it's no problem! As long as you square up the 12" block...
After that I arranged more pieces into a few other variations but for me this one is the most pleasing to the eye. I could do something with value but I think I'm just going to make it a random scrap quilt, because then the different segments could easily and quickly be chain-pieced.

On a side note, if you get a chance to go to the Huntington Gardens near Pasadena, the Bonsai Garden is incredible. It made me want to start my own bonsai collection. There were the coolest, tiniest most perfectly formed trees.

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