Monday, December 26, 2011

Geronimo the Giraffe

I've been thinking a lot about stuffed animals lately. How to make them have dimensional heads and four legs, etc. So I made this creature as an experiment. His head is crooked but I think that gives him some personality. I still have to stitch up the back and I may add more of that yellow ball 'ribbon' to give him a mane.

This video was helpful as a guide, and I also bought a simple pattern from JoAnns for a "dimensional dog." I didn't like how the dog looked but I reviewed the pattern for ideas on adding dimension to the head. I sketched and cut a piece of fabric to run up the back of the neck, around the top of the head, and back down the front of the face, matching up with the ears. It actually worked out well and I'm excited for the next experiment. Maybe a lion?