Friday, December 27, 2013

Progress on 2014 monthly calendar

I made four sets of these and really like how some of them turned out. Here are some pictures of one of the sets. I plan to post a full set (12 paintings) as a free printable PDF by January 1 so check back!


  1. YOUR Calendar pages are bright and so cool!!!!

  2. These are amazing! And I got the cards you sent. Thank you so much! I haven't gotten to thank you for the art yet either. It's framed and put in place. I'll snap some pics and send to you. You are so talented Leah, an inspiration!

  3. What a beautiful calendar ! A year of colors and inspiration.

  4. Hi Lea, sorry for not commenting earlier.
    Beauftiful artwork, even if you hadn't transformed them in calendars, it would still be beautiful and meaningful.
    I want to thank you for making my year happier and more colorful, you inspire me.
    Happy New Year and a great year to us all.