Monday, September 23, 2013

Birds playing Go-Fish: another bird painting

I've been doing the bird theme for awhile now, so a friend suggested I do a spoof of the "Dogs playing poker" paintings, but with birds. So here is my version: Birds playing Go-fish, at the Birdbath Lounge & Grille, and they have water, worms, and birdseed to snack on.
My favorite part, besides the tile roof and the colorful striped paneling on the side of the roof and on the door, is the bird waiter to the left, with his towel thrown over his shoulder and his pink sponge.
I also really like the red stool. And it's interesting how a few little lines for the eyes can convey 'personality' somehow. This was fun to paint.

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  1. Hi Leah! I hope all is well. Would you please open an Etsy shop and sell this and your watercolor of the city on this hill as prints. I would also buy the originals from you. Love!