Friday, September 13, 2013

Painting collage "Window to Spring" with birds, tree and blossoms: Process Post

All week I've had this idea for a painting with birds and a tree and some pink and yellow. So here it is, with process photos. I started with a quick sketch to lay out the tree and bird areas:
Then I added a wash of some red/pink watercolor (technically, it's Quinacridone Rose) on top and some yellow ("mustard" color) gouache on the bottom:
I pulled out the glass plate, brayer and water-based Speedball block printing inks and inked up a few stencils with pink and red (always a lovely choice):
I was thinking about what to do with the tree, and remembered this interesting marbled paper I made and talked about in this post from March:
I cut it up and used matte gel medium to paste it to the paper in the shape of a tree with a branch. Doesn't it give it a nice 'knotty' texture? I really like the bursts of lime green throughout:
Time to add some birds. I looked through my old photos of birds and re-sketched a few birds from previous sketches I had made, shown in this post from last year. This is one of my bird photos:
Here is a rough sketch I made of the bird, in the basic shape of the oval from my quick outline at the top of this post:
I made three sketches on paper and cut around the lines, then placed them over the painting to determine layout. I liked the idea of the one on the left looking back at the other two, and decided to make that the mother bird:
When I sketched the birds onto the painting I sized down the other two birds a little bit so they would look more like baby birds:
I added a bit of color to the birds while I thought about how to color them overall:
Then I started to add in some blossoms and leaves and other shapes, and add more color to the tree and finished off the birds.
I added details with a black fine tip Montana Acrylic Marker. There was an incident with the marker in the upper right when I brushed against some wet triangles with my hand - the stuff is like India ink and was pretty much impossible to control. I went over it with white paint but it just turned gray and became quite a mess. So I felt compelled to cover it with a bunch of color which changed my original idea to have those pink triangles up there. I decided to extend the orange color to the far left of the blossom/branch part to try and balance out the heaviness of the dark color on the right. Finally, I stamped on the letters: "WINDOW TO SPRING" and stopped there:

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  1. Hi Lea, thanks for posting the pictures of your whole creative process. It is important to know how to do.
    The result is very cheerful and lovely. Thank you because yous posting make me smile.