Thursday, March 27, 2014

Work in progress: Cupcake Tray

I made this three-tier cupcake tray for an exercise in Carla Sonheim's Watercolor Transfer Paintings online class. I was cutting out random shapes from these Avery transfer sheets (I added the watercolor and marks previously) and saw something that looked like a colorful cupcake (the one at the top of the tray was the first one I saw - you can see it in the first sheet below, on the left) - then I saw some more and kept cutting and it made me smile!

Then I decided to make a tray to hold the cupcakes and pulled out the purple/blue sheet made during a previous gelatin printing session - this was a 'waste' page where I brayered excess paint. I love the way it looks cut into strips.
This is still in progress, I'm still going to add paint and marks and finish it up.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Leah, thanks for sharing your cupcakes.
    I confess that I feel better seeing figurative art than abstract one.
    Beautiful colors!