Thursday, March 13, 2014

Create circular text in GIMP for use in a collage or painting

I wanted to make circular text for my painting, and decided to use some titles of songs I'm listening to lately. I googled "How to make circular text on Gimp" and came across this awesome tutorial - it's very easy to understand/follow. It's nice that you can pause the video step by step and follow the steps in Gimp. Plus Gimp is free!
I made this circular text - keep in mind I didn't care too much about the placement, because I knew I was going to cut it out for my painting, but the tutorial shows how to line it up or make the bottom half text go in the other direction. It also shows how to make wavy text!
I did two more and changed the text direction on the bottom half: Think about all the fun things you could do with this, and add images in the middle and change the color and put it onto a background or make it into a clear/beveled 'stamp' to add to the corner of any photo, like embossing!

Then I cut out the circles and cut holes in the middle so my underpainting could show through. Here was my underpainting before adding circles- you can see the little white outlines of possible flowers on the right side. I had painted on some pink and magenta, then used a brayer and stencils with black paint and paynes gray to stencil on some dots. Then I used the gelli plate and brayered a layer of copper color and painted white flowers on top of the copper, then pressed the paper to the plate. I wasn't too pleased with the result and decided to go in a different direction, hence the circular text.
I added the circles using a matte gel medium:
Then I decided to make three different 'flowers' out of the circles:
And used gesso to make the color in the flowers stand out from the background:
Then I painted on it for awhile and added some black pen marks to get the final painting, which I'm calling The Playlist, 9"x9", acrylic, gesso, pen and gouache.
Here are the song titles from my playlist:
We Built This City by Starship
This Is Not The End by Fieldwork
Recover by CHVRCHES
Daylight by Maroon 5
Chocolate by The 1975
Oblivion by M83 (feat Susanne Sundfor)

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