Saturday, March 8, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things, 6"x6" acrylic + pen

I've seen a lot of these divided drawers or display boxes lately, like this one by Geninne on flickr and this one of some guy's collections of stuff in the British Museum. There is something visually pleasing about stuff displayed this way. I was thinking about what I would put in one if I could capture the things that are important to me, things that I like. For this little painting, I included these things:

1- Seashells (I love nature, the beach, the forest, the mountains) - though this looks more like a baseball glove... tells me I need to do some still life paintings of shells from my collection. I also love rain and thunder, but how do you depict thunder as a thing in a box, unless you draw a little lightning bolt..

2- Family & Friends

3- Literature - I still love a good book, though it seems harder to find one lately - have any recommendations?

4- Flowers - I especially love delicate cherry blossoms such as those found on the Japanese Rose cherry tree (I posted about it here)

5- Art - I love making art, I love art supplies, I love going to museums, I love looking at other artists' works, I love color and lines and geometric patterns, there is so much I love about art I could write a book

6- Spirituality and peace - My relationship with God is so important, but how do you depict that in a drawing? Here is a little sketch of a temple, where I find peace

7- Rest (this is a pillow!) - A good night's sleep is so important to me. Without it, a lot of other things feel out of balance

8- Fresh air (these are shoes!) - I really like going for walks and smelling the fresh air especially if it just rained, and I love walking along the beach or in the mountains or just on the street looking around at everything that is inspiration for an artwork

9- Fruit (but I especially love watermelon, when it's in season)

What things are important to you, and how would you depict them in a drawing?

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