Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Be Mindful: Painting from gelli print with foliage

I created several gelli prints using some leaves and small branches. These are two of the prints I made. I decided to work with the one on the right. I really liked how the lighter impression of the leaves stood out against the dark background. I  added some gesso to create a stripe, then added some green diamonds along the bottom:
Then I added some stripes of color and some turquoise/blue background, plus some 'shading' to the leaves, and some silver dots along the sides of the red/purple square. Plus the stamped words 'Be Mindful'.


  1. Hi Leah, thanks for posting!
    Very interesting these gelli prints, I don't know if we have these here in Brazil. I need to research them.
    A curiosity: what kind of paper you used in these prints?
    Thanks a lot for sharing them!

    1. Ola, Lucia.

      Onde você mora? Morava no Estado de Sergipe alguns anos e visitou de novamente em 2011. Meu marido nunca viajou para o Brasil, mas provavelmente ele vai comigo em 2015. Falo do Brasil quase todos os dias, porque gostei de mais e gosto muito dos brasileiros quem fizeram o meu temp há tão maravilhoso.

      Eu sou um aposentado professor de arte.

  2. Hi Lucia, I am using a Fabriano watercolor paper, 100 lb. It's got a visible grain, with fairly large bumps, which can add to the texture of the image if you're interested in that kind of thing. I prefer a smoother paper but I didn't have any higher quality watercolor paper (140lb cold pressed or something) on hand so I was just using this stuff for these prints.

    The gelli plate I'm using is commercially manufactured (gelli brand) but you can make your own gelatin plate at home using water and unflavored gelatin - i bet you could find that in Brazil! Google Knox unflavored gelatin. here it is on amazon:

    the nice thing about using gelli or gelatin plates as opposed to just a sheet of glass or a hard surface is that the paper can really press down into the surface and soak everything up. There are subtle nuances with the gelatin that I never get with the glass. plus it's a little strange and fun to play with! good luck!