Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gelli plate plus online class - Process Post: The Kind Volcano

I took the most boring print I made for this Exercise (because I didn't want to mess up one of my 'good' prints), and made this, the Kind Volcano:
Here is my process. I started with this print:
I used some gesso to clean up around the 'leaves' (at the moment I was thinking it was going to be a plant with leaves). Then I added some pink on one side and green on the other side, and used some yellow/gold luminarte watercolor cake to add color to the 'leaves':
Then I decided to formalize the pyramid of blue dots at the top:
And it was then I decided the blue dots should be a blue mountain, and the yellow things should be hills:
So I added some blue to the bottom to make it lake-like, and finished off the sky with a nice orange/yellow/red on the left side:
I added a bit of darker detail to the mountain, a strip of copper paint down by the edge of the lake to resemble a lower lying hilly surface, and sketched out some little houses and trees, because all Kind Volcanos need residents nearby:
And throw in a dock and some boats and THAT is a place I could live:
It was really a fun process to see this painting come into existence from just a few stray swipes of a brayer and stencils. I can't wait to see what I do with my other "prettier" prints.

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