Thursday, March 20, 2014

Intro to Abstract Painting: charcoal and color sketches

I'm taking another online class, Intro to Abstract Painting with Karine Swenson. Here are my charcoal sketches from the first exercise:
This is my favorite one of the bunch, which I did with charcoal, then erased some lines from it. I really like the texture created by the erased areas.
For the second exercise, I made these watercolor sketches:
Some are more abstract than others...
This was my favorite one. I like the dark part on the bottom left where the brush was really dry. Also, the pink part on the right, how the pigment separated out when it dried. I added some little dots with a pen.
I also really liked this one, with the dry brushed blue paint on the bottom and the payne's gray + yellow ochre on the top (and some of the lovely effects of that mix on the page), plus the dark blue drip going right to left.:
And I've played around some more with the gelatin plate. Here are some recent prints. This one was made by dripping paint on the plate then blowing it around with a straw:
 This was also made by blowing paint around with a straw. First I brayered a pretty blue/purple color on the plate, then splattered water droplets on the top. I painted two lines of silver paint then blew the paint upward across the plate. There was some pink and yellow showing through from the previous pull.
This was made by brayering on a layer of pink, then dropping some magenta and yellow paint on the surface and dripping water spots on it, blotching with a paper towel, then blowing the remaining paint around with a straw. I placed a triangle stencil over part of it, then pulled the print.
The little splotches in this one are drops of spritzed alcohol. I like the colors and the effect on the top half of this, and the bottom half isn't bad either.
I've been brayering from an acetate sheet (thick plastic). Some of the paint dries before I can wash it off. That leaves some lovely color behind:
Also, I really like the colorful marks and remnants on the newsprint on my work table:

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  1. Fun blog, Leah! I like the remnants left behind on the workspace and palette too. :)
    Thanks for taking my class!